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Why logo for a company is important?

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Why would everyone give so much importance to a logo design?

Why is that preference given while designing a logo?

Is it the same criteria on logo for a start-up as well as an established brand?

Will a logo affect the business?

What could it contribute to the business?

The generic questions that holds both the positive as well as the negative contributions in designing logo will be discussed and showcased in this blog. This blog may change your perspective of negligence in any aspect of life.

Why would everyone give so much importance to a Logo?

A logo is the representation of a company and its business. The logo is the impression about the company in the minds of the audience. A logo has the potential to capture the hearts of your audience and initiate them to add products to their cart. Your business returns are 75% dependent on your logo. The first impression that grabs the attention of your target audience is your logo and hence the logo is given so much importance.

Take Apple an example, people buy i-phones even at this premium cost just to showcase the logo on the back side of the phone.

Why is that preference given while designing a logo?

"Men may come, Men may go but Company will go forever" The idea behind the quote is to state that the company is eternal and it is log lasting for years, the businessmen will change but not the business. Logo is the most important aspect of every business that will live for years. The transition of the logo will happen as years pass by. Since logo is the first sight of every targets for every generation the business is about to pass through, it is important to take care of designing the logo. A company will change its logo on the generation basis but the core concept remains the same.

For example, let us take Coca-Cola, they changed their logo on various generation shifts but remained to their core value of delivering perfect soda.

Is it the same criteria on logo for a start-up as well as an established brand?

Be it a Multi National Company or a small kiosk at your street end, a logo plays a vital role in their business. A logo has the high grade of influencing the purchasing power of the customer. The strategies on pricing, quality etc. might be a major factor in competing in the market but a logo plays a vital role in showcasing an edge at the point of purchase. A Brand value is attained through logo as one of the factor and hence customers trust brands than the ordinary, but your logo can be the part of building the brand value.

For example, the recent sensation Myntra faced an issue on their logo. Though they are well established brand yet the logo was pointed out and the company rectified their stand. The same applies to all the so called Brands and startup firms.

Will a logo affect the business?

A logo will definitely contribute to the progression of the business as well as the downfall of the business. The chances of affecting the business may occur in two different way, 1. By the company itself, 2. Due to competitors. Registering and trademarking the logo is essential for every business else anyone can take your logo and it will definitely affect your reputation. For example, a famous sweet shop at Tirunelveli named Shanthi Sweets who failed to register their logo due to the awareness which resulted in too many clutter shops nearby with the same logo which eventually drained their business. So it is essential to take care of the collateral of the business. Another example would be "Datsun" which changed to "Nissan" and then backed to 'Datsun' again. Hence logo will definitely affect the progression of the business as well as enhance the growth depending upon the nature of the change.

What could it contribute to the business?

As we mentioned earlier, the logo creates various impacts on the business development. The business gets establish, penetrate the market and compete in the market with the competitors using the major impact that is created due to the logo design. It is essential to design the logo in a way it does it justice to the business. An understanding about the business, industry and the audience in the market is very crucial in deciding the logo design. There are many small business that had a powerful growth scale after a logo change. The results reflect only on the basis of the business as well as the industry and the geographical aspect.

For example, the logo of Microsoft was changed and it played a major role in the company's growth. Same is with the UBER, Dominos pizza, Shell petroleum, Slack etc.

A logo is the reflection of your business in every collateral.These logo plays a major role in establishing the business and penetrate the market paving way to add on the Brand value to the company.

Have a glance at the various collateral where your logo is reflected.

Avatar Branding & Design is a logo designing company that takes vital care in designing the logo to attain its soul purpose of establishing and creating a brand value to it.

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