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Top 5 Quotes for successful people in business

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

top 5 best motivational quotes

Human emotions are highly variable time to time. The raise and fall of every emotion from being sad to being happy or being excited to be bored and vice versa is totally dependent on the varying situations an individual faces. The psychological mind knowingly or unknowingly search for an external support system. For a composed mind it is just a situation and emotions, for a some the support system is love, for some a extra activity like reading a book, travelling etc.

1. Steady & Smile

top 5 best motivational quotes

The first and foremost quality to lead a successful life both personally and professionally the following things needs to be inherited in oneself. To begin, one should have a positive mindset on approaching any situation. The emotions are purely based on how we react to it and there are only two possibility, 1. The situation overtake us 2. We control the situation. Panicking and letting the situation flow in its way leads the the situation overtake us. Having a steady and focused mindset leads us to overtake the situation. To have a calm and composed mind, one should maintain the confidence level and handle emotions such as anxiety, overthinking and assumptions. Above all, a Smile is all required to maintain the emotional outbreak. One who follows and practice these qualities will eventually develop a calm and composed mindset. A calm and composed mindset will definitely lead to a successful life.

2. Learn and Unlearn

top 5 best motivational quotes

The art of learning is in the mindset of acquiring knowledge and experience. A calm mind has the potential to grasp information to process. In business, learning is one huge asset to grow and evolve with profits and returns. The learning can either be from an external resource or from the self failure lessons. When we have the mindset to learn from our failures it is evident to a certain point where the loss is minimal or null but a learning from a huge loss will definitely never leave space for learning; So it is better to learn from an external source. One huge problem in human behaviour is, the acceptance factor to a known fact. A solution from a problem can be derived in many ways but finding the most efficient and less time consuming solution is going to be the priority. When we are exposed to a situation of learning something new it is necessary to unlearn the known facts and results. Only a empty glass can be filled with water and an empty mind could only grasp information. So it is evident for a successful life to learn and unlearn things through experience and external sources.

3. Time conscious

top 5 best motivational quotes

"Time and Tide waits for none" an old saying is still in practice. Time is the most valuable asset one can have, it is essential to understand the importance of time. One who understands the importance of time is the one who utilize the opportunities to succeed in life. Take up various examples of various achievers such as Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs; they were ahead of time to think beyond the limits. They used opportunities on time and experimented things which eventually pushed them as well as the human race ahead of time. The common man thinks about the days passed, the dreamers thinks about the hours left, the ambitious thinks about the minutes left and the successful people plan their seconds. It is very crucial and important to plan and according to Time.

4. Determinant

top 5 best motivational quotes

A small story about a boy who aspired to be a fighter pilot in the armed force from his childhood. The boy was from a very poor background that he was about to overcome very hard situations to earn his basic education, later after a huge struggle he was qualified for one of the best universities in the state for his higher education in the field of engineering. Being a non-vegetarian, he opted for vegetarian food since the extra money for the non-veg meal in the college would save money to travel to his village in his vacation. Years passed and he appeared for the pilot exam which eventually he cleared with high grade but on field test, he failed due to the constrain in his height, he was below the minimal height required to be a fighter pilot. His dreams were shattered, yet his perseverance made him to continue his post graduation in the field of aviation science. The dedication and hard-work paved way to many achievements that gradually lead him to be the president of India and his name is Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. He was in the highest grade officer and scientist in ISRO and one fine day he held his steer of his fighter plane as the President of India. The dream came true and it is all because of his dedication and determination. Hence Dream+Determination leads to success, achievement and happiness in life.

We can never visit our past, but what we act today will be reflected tomorrow. Instead of delivering commodities deliver and add values to your customers.

5. It's just a Journey

top 5 best motivational quotes

One thing that every one of us should remember is that, anything that happens to us is just an experience and it is just a part of our journey. Life is just a travel to an unknown destination, the relations and our actions are just a part of the travel. Taking things lite is the ultimate meaning of this quote. We are responsible for our own actions and reflections of life so be very responsible and discipline such a way that we never harm the other creatures in nature. The whole journey is to explore and get excited, achievements and awards are all man made creations that add heaviness to the purpose of life. Our purpose of life our own definition, make the best of what you need; After all its just a journey. Be happy and satisfied for what you do, never let anyone to judge your actions and never expect someone to appreciate your activities. Being independent is one big achievement in life. Make this a better place to live and rejoice.

Define your success and work for it. The most successful people have done it as simple as that. "One life, love all"

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