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Top 3 movies that needs to be watched for sure

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Movies are always been an reflection of real life motives or a prediction of the next generation. Movie makers were always keen on the script and the outcome of it. Irrespective of the industry be it Hollywood, Kollywood etc. the vision of a film-maker inspires many in reality.

The most common mistake that we make is that, the perception of accepting the service of the film industry as a business, but we actually make a connect with it emotionally. So basically film making is one of the creative business industry.

From the creative business industry, there are many movies that inspires someone to be an entrepreneur but as an entrepreneur one needs to definitely watch the following three movies in his/her life. Either you are about to start or in the mid way or you are under serious problem; watch these movies and you will definitely experience a change.

This blog is about the top 3 movies that definitely needs to be watched by every entrepreneur.

top movies of all time

1. The Pursuit of Happyness

top tamil dubbed movies

Starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, directed by Gabriele Muccino and the movie released in the year 2006. The story is a real life incident of Mr.Chris Gardner. The is about the protagonist who suffers for living with his son after facing severe loss in the business he started. His only dream was to set up a beautiful life for his son, the journey starts with an unpaid internship as broke to attain a job in the same company followed by achieving heights. Since the movie is the real life story of Chris growing into a businessman from the broke to publish his biography is the climax of the story.

With regards to the business aspect, this movie teaches us how not to invest into something that the market doesn't have demand, how to save and handle money. Most importantly it teaches us how important a job is. The attachments in our life will be definitely affected by our wrong moves and bad decisions. Still if we perceive to achieve we could definitely make it.

2. Guru

best tamil manirathnam movie

A Bollywood movie staring Abhishek Bachan s/o Amitab Bachan written and directed by Mani Ratnam is partially a biopic of the Indian businessman Dhirubhai Ambani who is the founder of the Reliance corp[oration. The story narrates about the protagonist who is obsessed with dreams starts his journey working in Turkey delivering petrol cans later dreams to start his own firm in his motherland India. The movie thus travels along on how he achieves his dream and the life struggles he had witnessed.

With regards to the business aspect, one who aspires to be an entrepreneur must never settle with dream alone. A dedicated effort in achieving the dream is necessary to be successful. The movie teaches us not to let the negativity enter your ears and make you stop dreaming. Consistency and passion is the major investment one can contribute to his/her business is lesson the movie portrays.

3. 7 Pounds

top tamil dubbed movies

7 Pounds is an holloywood movie starring Will Smith directed by Gabriele Muccino, the director of pursuit of happyness. The movie is about a scientist, a space craft entrepreneur who is rich and sophisticated makes an accident that takes lives of 7 people including his pregnant wife. The story travels as the hero finds 7 needy people who are true, never had lend hands for help and especially who are at the verge of death looking for donors respective of their organ damage. The hero Will Smith offers them their needs and also supports them by donating his 7 organs for the 7 people he chose. That's how the story narrates the importance of life, health and the way we live.

With regards to the business aspect, things that we could learn is the generosity that one should have after attaining our dreams. We should help others in order to remember we are one among them and the major learning is that the value of life. We have one beautiful life and we definitely need to cherish it by achieving our dream. It could be anything, but it should give us peace and happiness.

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