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Social media and the privacy issue..Data theft!?

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Providing access to some random person to monitor our activities and complaining of data theft is definitely a joke. But that's how it was earlier as well, we gave access to anyone to enter our life to explain their products or services to us; The decision was ours.

“Change and the Evolution causing a Revolution”

Evolution of mankind had a change that is to be accepted by the human race. Change was the only constant thing throughout the life cycle of the planet earth.

In business, the evolution of marketing started from the barter system and now it is in the digital medium. Time has insisted a change in the working system of the business as well as the perspective of the consumers.

Banners, pamphlets, flyers, visiting cards, bill boards, hang tags, calendars, daily sheets, bookmarks, freebies, television ads, theatre ads and various promotional activities were performed to market a product or a service by a company. The method was very broad and it was difficult to identify the target location and the audience of the company by these methods.

Was it an organic change and an efficient advancement?

The technological advancement paved the way to the digital world and inventions created many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, YouTube, Linked In, Snap chat, Websites and many more. The cost efficiency in these digital world compared to the previous traditional methods were very low and the reach was high and this made the organisations to change to the new method of marketing.

People around the world both urban and rural was highly influenced and fascinated by the technological advancement and thus paved the way for social media platforms and other digital forum. Finding this a new and a better resource for the marketers used these platforms to showcase and promote their products and services.

Data theft or Data provision?

The psychology of human lives had a transition of adapting to various cultures and ideologies, people started to brand themselves in these mediums to establish themselves and create network for their personal use. People exhibiting their interests, ideas, preferences on their own interest made the organisations to utilise the opportunity.

When it comes to data theft, organisations make use of the opportunity created by the audience themselves. For marketers it is a matter of choices and interest to understand a customer’s purchase power. Products and services are promoted on these mediums to attract the audiences and in no way organisations take down the data for an illegal use. Customers have the freedom of exploring various products and services that are available rather than to force buy the only available. It is merely the user’s choice to share their personal data.

Email was created by Mr.Ray Tomlinson in the year 1971. The insecurity and doubts were at its peak at that point but in today's world email had become a trusted communication.Time gradually fills the empty space and eradicates the insecurity to push the human race forward. This paved the way to many other forms of digital communication and now it is a revolution in the business communications.

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