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Advertising around the globe for just 200 Rs.

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The advantage of marketing and advertising your brand and its products, services for global audience at the most cheap and affordable price efficiently

How it was way back then?

The most difficult part of any business apart from planning the product or service, manufacturing, packaging, pricing and delivering, it was the establishment to the audience. The tedious job of advertising to the audience to communicate about the company and its products & services. The cost in creating, defining and delivering an ad was very difficult for all the start-up companies and for the established brand felt difficult to pitch to their target audience. The available resources and platforms to market or to establish was very narrow and the efficiency was very low. The traditional method was to issue flyers, billboards, pamphlets, television and radio advertisement. The cost was high, the reach of the advertisement to the target audience was not achieved, the contents were mainstream, innovation and intelligence lacked on both the organisation side as well as the audience side.

How it is now?

The advancement in the technology had paved way to many scientific upgradation for the welfare of the universe. The major advantage to the business is the upgradation of the internet and the tools that are supporting the business.

The introduction to social platforms not just paved to connect relationships globally but also to connect to customers all around the globe even without meeting them in person. Many business are functioning efficiently by even without meeting each other in real time.

The use of Google ads, Facebook ads, Youtube, Linked In, Pintrest and many more platforms are paving way not just to advertise but also to inspire others and motivate.The interaction of the organisation with its customers are now transparent and it is on daily basis. The customers have the freedom to review a product or a service on their perceptions The cost of creating and delivering an ad to the audience has become as simple as drinking a cup of coffee.

The major advantage of these platforms are the campaigns, the showcase of the advertisement delivering the content. The cost incurred to place the campaign is a minimum of Rs.200 per day to reach infinite audience around the globe. The beautiful creation is that, the ads are telecasted to the target audience whom your products or services are to be reached. The investment in promoting a product & service is ultimately utilised by the business user and the loss is totally nullified. A campaign is user friendly, we can start a campaign and fix a date to complete it and generate leads out of it. If the lead generated is achieved even before the end date, the campaign can be stopped immediately. Any change in the context or the campaign itself, it can be edited at the middle of the campaign.

The investment of the business user is efficiently utilised. The company gets communicated globally and it has a higher chance of attaining the brand value. The dream of overseas business is now a no more dream. Anything and everything can be achieved over the internet.

How long can it work?

Well the change is definite but its not going to immediate. The traditional marketing techniques have changed but it is still in existence, so the same as for the digital marketing. It has just begun, changes would be on advancing but definitely not degrading the ease. Improvisation would be mandatory and it is going to on daily basis, our adaptation is necessary to cope up the enhancement.

Business always requires marketing, only the trend adapters are the ones who sustains and lead the market. All we need is to adapt and improvise on the daily basis to sustain and lead in the market. Going digital is no more an option, it is mandatory. Validation of a brand ignites from its digital presence.

Wanna know more?

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