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Marketing is a myth..!

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Would you believe, the Eiffel tower created by itself? the Taj Mahal constructed itself in a day?..well definitely NO!; no creation is without a creator & time and Marketing is not a myth but a process evolved by business strategists from time to time.

Steve jobs a revolutionary idol or was it his strategy to stand unique?

“The origin of marketing”

1000 years ago, people used Barter system to trade products, marketing evolved since then. The first ever marketed product was a fruit. Stories of Adam and Eve get a turning point from the fruit of the forbidden tree; the strategy for the fruit that created an urge to possess was the first marketed product in the world.

The science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the need of a target market at a profit is marketing says Philip Kotler, the father of Marketing. A good product or a service is a promotion by itself says many theories. People buy products or services irrespective of the marketing activities.

But how would people even know what that exist in the market for them to purchase?

Though demand and needs are constant in the market, there is definitely in need for a product or service to get introduced and established among the audience of the market. The method of introducing and establishing is termed as Marketing.

So the past years human evolution had undergone many inventions of diverse products and services around the globe. The existence of those products or service within the geographical location was conveyed through any means even without the knowledge of the customers or the manufactures themselves. It gradually evolved the business market as well as the marketing strategies.

Various methods were used to market the product or service of a company. Techniques and theories were implemented to test the potential of a marketing plan to introduce and establish a product or a service. This paved the way for national and international trading of products and services around the globe. Marketing agencies were created around the globe to serve the companies to support their business.

Steve Jobs and the twist

Steve jobs played a major role on the marketing strategies of the business world. When companies at his time were making profits for the benefits of their organisation, Steve jobs changed the scenario. He was insisting on the welfare of the human race and indirectly it was a strategy for the company to sell its products.

Brands started to pull their customers instead of pushing their products and services. The evolution thus evolved to a greater extent and now it is in the era of digital world. Mass marketing was in the previous generation were the target location was known but not the target audience.

The internet and the digital platforms are now in a place where target audiences are identified and the business is directly reflecting on them. Digital marketing & social media are the trending techniques utilised by any type of firm from any industry around the world.

Hence marketing is no more a myth but a sequential method of evolution at its peak.

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