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Logo Designing ideas for every new Brand

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The first and foremost process of every company to begin with is their Company logo. Logo designing is a key factor that represents the company and enhances the brand value associated with it. Well to design a logo, the following are the key points to be remembered.

What is a logo? What exactly should it signify?

From a basic start-up firm upto a multinational organisation, logo is the keen influence in the respective market. The immediate response of purchase is highly oriented with the psychographic connect of the audience. Logos play 75% of psychological influence on customer's purchase power says an article from the psychological science theories. Not just the design & shape even the colours used play an important role. Few fascinating logos are from the following brands

  1. Nike

  2. Adidas

  3. Windows

  4. Kfc

  5. Dominos pizza

  6. Amazon

  7. Fox star

  8. Pepsi

  9. Twitter

  10. Audi

Logo is the artful effect of a company's motive to sell products or services to the target audience. The design might signify the purpose of the company in the betterment of the lifestyle of the audience, the products and services of the company, the brand name or sometimes it might not even signify anything but has the capacity to connect emotionally with the audience.

The traditional trends

Early 1960's were the start of creating impressions on the minds of the customers through the logos. These generation logos were intended to convey what exactly the company does for the market. The idea is to create an visualising image of their logo in the audience mind even when they are not showcased to it.

Coca-Cola could be a perfect example of how and what a logo should signify. Back in 1940's black was used as the base colour for the brand since the content was black in colour, later the strategical move made them to change it to red which paved many of their competitors as well as many other brands in the food industry to follow the colour code of 'red' as any part of their logo design. This impression prevails still now.

The bold movers

There were many brands and every brand changed their logo designs, colour and sometimes even their names between the period of 1940-1990. The only company that stood strong on their design was Hewlett Packard, "hp" was the design that was consistent from 1954 till date.

They are believed to be the bold movers irrespective of various competitors like Apple and Xerox.

The new trends

The new and latest trends in the logo designing are vast and innovative. People are exposed to various platforms to create their own logo or get an expert to create one for them. Inspirations are numerous in the digital world which on one side might be a boon but at the same time could possibly create clutter.

The common few ways to design to convey are the following

  1. idea of the company

  2. product or the service they offer

  3. the company's name itself

  4. finish of the design

  5. complexity

  6. simplicity

  7. hyperbol

These are used individually or sometimes a mix of few depending upon the company.

For example, Apple uses a simple logo as a bitten apple fruit, the idea is to convey the brand name and it is enhanced in the finish.

How does the logo work?

Well some may feel branding is just the design of the logo, but it is not how it actually works. Branding is the commitment that is transferred to the audience through these logos, slogans, package, product, service and many such factors. Logos are the first impression that is created in the minds of the customers.

A company might fail in its business but the impression that it had created never fades. Logos are one of the factors that helps to create the impression and hence it is necessary to create and design a unique design. Logos are registered and hence we find " R " in every logo. Creating an impression is process over a period and achieved for a lifetime.

A logo is the scar that is created in the minds and heart of the customer. Kodak is one such example of the list.

Wanna know more?

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