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How to rank on top 3 in google search results?

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

All you need is to know the basics of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation

Things you basically require

There are many millions of websites in the internet in today's world. People who are big and who are at the start-ups own a website, the advancement of google had made the platform more simple to connect the owner and their targets. So basically the competition is high in being the targets priority.

This whole blog is a gist of what is the basic idea of SEO and what are the necessary steps and requirements to rank on top of the google's search result.

What is SEO?

SEO is basically optimising the website, optimising is nothing but making the requirements of the target audience to acquire things easily from the site. This is the process that happens internally in the website to organise the availability of the site in the required manner.

The idea of organising in the right manner is to ensure the quality of the site is enhanced and the quantity of the traffic is increased. Eventually when the site's quality and quantity is enhanced, the time on site i.e the average time spent by an user on a site increases and the bounce rate i.e the percentage of the user who exits the site is decreased.

What is the use of low bounce rate and increased web trafficking?

The percentage of low bounce rate and increased web trafficking will eventually get integrated in the algorithm of google search engine. This gradually promotes position of the site to the preferable results. In order to reach this point, the following are the requirements

  1. Website

  2. Target audience

  3. competitors of the market

  4. keywords of the competitors site

  5. Analytics

  6. UI & UX

  7. Optimization

Wanna know more and wish to list on the top search results?

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