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Graphic Designs are more efficient than Context in conveying the idea behind communicating.

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Graphic designs for digital marketing

Language is a strong tool in the business world to communicate. Creators from different language created contents and stories for their business according to the geographical location. Generations passed, languages branched out as businesses developed into another whole new level. The introduction of technology and its advancement paved way for business owners to compete in the global market with big players who are termed as Brands.

For example, a small business owner who manufacture soda has the liberty to sell his can of soda both domestically and internationally competing with the existing players in the market. The only thing is required is money to enter the market to compete, but to establish and sell his product an extra mile is required to travel.

That extra mile is the marketing technique used for to sell the commodities. When in a global market competing with world class brands, it also includes world audience from different countries of different language and demography.

Now language would be a barrier to convey the idea of your business and to sell your product or service. So to overcome, Designs are the best way to break out the barrier; But

Could the designs alone can convey the story or the idea of the business?

The following are the images that reveal a brief story line of a personality. Let's play a game in identifying the person from the story. Leave a comment on which design you figured out the person.

steve jobs

graphic designs for social media

Love for electronics apple 2


steve jobs apple iphone founder

Okay, stop blushing...

You were guessing it correct, It's Steven Paul Jobs aka Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Inc.

So it is a proven experiment right? You were able to connect with this images and had the curiosity to check your intuition right?

That's the power of the graphical design. 1000 Pages of 1000000 words that conveys 5 important facts about a topic can be made possible by 1 single Graphic design.

Avatar Branding & Design is a Graphic Design company in Chennai. Join us to promote your business Graphically to the world and become a global competitor.

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