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3 essential W's of every start-up firms

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

There are 7.8 billion people around the globe out of which 582 million are entrepreneurs and 22.5% of small business fail within the first year. The idea of entrepreneurship raises from the dispute of fact being an employee. The thirst to live extraordinary triggers an individual to go in search of delivering solutions to the common audience and that's when a start-up firm is born.

What exactly go wrong after that? not everyone could become Bill gates, Steve jobs, Mark zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani etc. we try to reach the moon, but we either fail after reaching the roof or the sky; our vision either gets devastated or limited. Have you ever thought "why?"

“The W's of your idea"

The most common W's of the universe for any theory even applies to business, hence business is the combination of arts and science.




Every problem around the universe starts with an excitement of what it is? and the curiosity of who is the reason behind it? with an emotion of why would it?. Science and business had taken up this format of expressing as well as accepting any fact or any product or service.

The most common mistake?

While creating a firm or even establishing a firm, the most common approach to the audience is going with the flow. The three W's are defined in the order of What,Who and Why.

The first and fore-most idea is to push the product or the service to the audience by stating what they do in the market and then expressing them with lots of exaggeration by who they are and some even forget to state why they do.

How leaders are born?

The above paragraphs stating various successful business people are the leaders who are pioneers of their industries, how do they differ from the rest? the reason is very simple.

Have you ever noticed their approach towards the audience?

The way they themselves as well as their business and products or services are projected to the audience? the order of the W's




The art of expressing is important, the intentions are very crucial to be accepted by the audience. They understood the necessity of a solution to a problem and they asked why do they need it? then they expressed what the solution is? and then finally they expressed who they are?

Let us take Apple Inc., Iphone was launched; the introduction to the audience was why do they need to use a heavy weighted unusual size of box to communicate with others? then they explained what could be replaced for the problem? then explained the feature of the iphone. Finally they expressed Who they are? by expressing the ability of their team to change the future.

They triggered the pulse of the audience and generated a curiosity for the product as well as the company for its future products and services. The method of approach is important to differentiate a leader and a follower.

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