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Is it necessary to have a personal branding?

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Does an individual's influence reflect on a common person's individual life behaviour?

Society and its validation

The society always has a grading scale to validate an individual’s potential. Later 90’s and early 2000’s society had a grade of measuring by the educational qualification and the possession of cash at bank.

The 2020 generation has evolved to an extent of various aspect of validating an individual potential. Right from the education, family background, career, salary, possessions, values and social image.

The social image is the value an individual exhibits to a society. The whole world is connected on a daily basis through various social media and our image is explicitly visible to everyone with what we share. In olden days they used get our address to post letters and then they asked for phone numbers; now it is the era of expecting ID’s of social media platforms.

Personal branding and the society; steve jobs a pioneer in it.

Our image can be highly personified in the social platforms to reach the minds of the audience. No matter the profession you belong, celebrity status can be achieved through social media with respect to your industry of profession. Virtual reality is what people believe and it can be highly influenced by strong and clear thoughts.

Missions and visions for a social change or for an opportunity can be effectively attained through proper personal branding. Let us take Steve jobs, he himself is brand. Apple sales are still in demand is even because of the value created by Steve jobs. Being a rebel and a visionary the thoughts that are cultivated on the minds of the audience still makes them to stay loyal to the brand.

The near future and the validation

Personal branding is very essential and it is going to be the future of validation of any individual or a company. Political parties are into personal branding in India as well as many countries around the globe. Identity is much required criteria for the competitive world of ours and hence personal branding is very much needed and the future of marketing.

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