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Covid-19 Threats and Opportunity

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

How did you see through it? Let's analyse the situation in another dimension of business

"Is covid-19 is actually a serious threat?"

Well it is actually a serious threat, the entire nation was introduced to Corona and a situation called lock down and no one had an idea of how long the situation was going to exist. The entire world was set back for months to witness a virus to take up the streets and cities. The Governments and the WHO was clueless to find a solution to eradicate the virus. Social distancing was the new term and had become an habit in everyone's day to day life. People was forced to cover their face and literally the factor of sharing a smile and an handshake vanished in a couple of weeks when the prevention was announced as social distancing. The routine life of every human being around the world was devastated. Psychologically people were affected, fear and suspiciousness was high in the minds of the people.

Covid-19 and the business world

In the business world the organisations that was functioning efficiently as well as the declining organisation shared the same situation of pathetic and a visionless strategic plan. The idea was to sustain the market and retain the brand value. Many entrepreneurs lost their hope and they liquidated their firm and employees were shocked by their firing without any notice period. The business balance was lost and this scenario was seemed to be the first and foremost situation any organisation would have faced. Financially efficient and well established brands were able to maintain the position in the market, the rest failed to do.

The damage was different for different industries. The most believed industries that they thought would never face any chaos were the most affected. Entrepreneurs were striving hard to maintain the existing sales and defining new strategies to diverse for a better future.

The opportunity of Covid-19

There is a statement that states that 'every new idea begins from a suffering'. This statement was a proof for many young start-up entrepreneurs, people around the globe and especially in India the amount of start-up and self proprietorship increased. Ideas were born and every individuality was showcased. The survival of the fittest emerged into existance. Opportunity was never seeked, they created one. The social distancing, the usage of mask and the restrictions in the day to day life was seen as an opportunity and many business owners capitalized this opportunity.

A leader is differentiated from a follower by the way he/she approaches a problem and the way the problem gets a solution. Brands to maintain its brand value, never complained of the obstacles in delivering values to their customers. They developed ideas, created solutions and delivered it to their customers in very short span.

Tata introduced 'Tata cliq' which was the only product delivering app when Amazon and Flipkart denied certain products for shipping. Tata cliq sold products that were available stocked before locked in their subsidiaries.

Lifesytle clothing introduced the very old tradition of selling clothes in trucks and vans since people were under lockdown. This was introduced in the north parts of India.

Dabur introduced a liquid to wash the veggies.

For some see the loss and the fall in their business due to a financial instability and the visionaries see the opportunity and the growth of their organisation.

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