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Brand influence on purchase

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Does a Brand value matters on your purchase? 'Wants' have become 'Needs' now..

Does a Brand really matter? Brand vs. Need

It is 2020; people are intelligent and are very choosy about anything that associates them. The intellectual thinking of the customers are drastically growing in the past years and we are in the surrounding where customers are intellectual about their need and their want.

So basically ‘need’ is something that is essential for a routine life and ‘want’ is anything that an individual desires to have. For example, a cloth is a need and a car is a want. Researches are stating the cycle of various products and services that were in the wants had shifted to needs but that is a totally a different perspective.

Does brand really matters for a purchase? Does brand value is questioned in a need circumstance?

Corona is the most sensational topic that made many to speak for months and definitely it would be remembered for years. The disaster made people to restrict their social life creating a social distancing situation around the globe.

WFH- work from home, virtual classes, online meetings, online shopping etc. and more of it many lost their jobs and many created their jobs. During this period of pandemic common things among everyone was the money the ultimate need and from it the derivatives were food, water and shelter.

No one in the world especially in India would have dreamt about face masks, sanitizers would become a need. It became a very essential need among the people to maintain the safety measure of the pandemic. Things that were listed in the wants became the needs of the people. Some come things were

· Laptops, headphones, cameras and various electronics to support WFH.

· Cars and bikes in 2ND hand sale to travel back to their home or native due to unemployment.

So the very wants were suddenly changing to needs of a consumer. People started to buy groceries in bulk and started to stock in their home due to fear of lockdowns.

This was a boon for many to start their own business both in rural and urban areas. People started to make facial masks, created sanitizers and started to sell around their places.

Do you think it worked?

Well not exactly, for some areas it worked such as the face mask with their custom photo printed and the sale of sanitizers home-made went viral and had good sale in its introduction phase. This was merely due to the lack of stocks of the existing brands in the markets.

Gradually in a couple of days, customers raised complaints on the new products due to the performance of it not serving efficiently. Gradually the brands filing up the stores, people started to buy the brands instead of the available local products.

This scenario was not only with the facemasks and sanitizers but also with the groceries, food materials, vegetables, medicines, electronics etc. it was like a snow ball effect. The insecurity that evolved in the non-branded products in the sanitizer reflected on all the other products as well.

So the wants instantly shifted to the needs and brands played an important role in the needs. Though the environmental circumstances are at high risk and people are not sure about their own very future, the brand value was constant and it reminded superior of all. Branding is a very important resource of a company.

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