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Best Website designs for your business

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Websites have become the significant and the most essentials of every business around the globe. Hope you own one and it is upgraded to the latest trends.! if not just glance over and have an idea about how websites support a business.

Website and Domain

Website is the tool that contains a single page or a collection of similar relating pages defined by a domain name that defines the purpose of the website being created. The domain names are defined in simple terms as the authority of the internet in holding a particular website. Few examples of the websites are,, etc.

A domain name as discussed above, serving as an ownership to website; are of different forms such as

  1. .com

  2. .org

  3. .in

  4. .website

  5. .info

  6. .net

  7. .co

  8. .online

  9. .gov

  10. .edu

These domains correspond to the type of website and its pages that contains contents. For example, ".gov" is commonly used to address a government website such as; ".com" is commonly used to address a business organisation such as . Such as various other domain name are used to address the responding field of business or information.

Website types

As such the domain name, the websites are also of different types depending on serving the purpose of the business. Not just the desktop view, but also the mobile view of the website needs to be efficient. The following are the generic website types that would serve the business 100%

  1. Static web design

  2. Dynamic web design

  3. Automatic web design

  4. E-commerce web design

1.Static web design

Static web designs are the most common and the basic website of all the other types of website. It is generally a single page website that is majorly used as a landing page website for business to generate potential audience and business.

2.Dynamic web design

Dynamic web designs are multiple page websites, they are the complex websites that needs periodical monitoring and upgrading. The idea of such dynamic websites are to create a connection with the audience and convert potential customers for business. Blogs, works, case studies, gallery etc are such components that could be possible added to build a owner and client relationship.

3.Automatic web design

Automatic web designs are the latest technology incorporated in a website. The process of automation made simple and reduce the time and man power required to complete a task on daily basis. They don't really require any software knowledge; just a creative mind could develop a website with various tools such as wix etc. The idea is same as to create business and make it more automatic from the time of a audience entering a site and leaves the site as a converted client for the business.

4.E-commerce web design

E-commerce web designs are the most demanded web design in the current covid-19 situation. Business entrepreneurs are in high requirement for the e-commerce website to convert their physical business platform into an online platform and perform business through internet. These websites are similar to the dynamic website that serves the purpose dynamically and also include the automation of payment and reminder for the client about the product or service they opted.

What website does your business require?

Every business is unique and significant based on its industry. The requirement of the industry demanding from the brand is what needs to be considered. The audience or the customers of the brand needs to be validated before designing a website. The type of product o the service needs to be considered for the evaluation. The location of the business and the competitors needs to be validated.

Following up, the brand would eventually land on creating a website for their business. A website will definitely serve its purpose if the bench-marking is made effectively.

Avatar Branding and Design is a branding company in Chennai and we do web designing in Chennai as well as all around the globe. Sit with us and let's discover what your brand would require with respect to the website.

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