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Label Design  

  • Extra-ordinary Label designs any style , any industry. 

  • Professional label designs, no matter what your budget. 

  • Visual First Label Designs for Customers First Pick. 

A great label design is like a great book cover—informative, intriguing and inviting.  

At Avatar, we offer wide range of label design services to make your product create an impression on your customers’ minds. Professionally designed labels make sure that your product looks exceptionally good.  

Get real-world customer insights to drive your product with right label design and marketing strategy. We have extensive experience creating high quality, cost-effective concept designs that capture your products essence and enable you to get the most out of your consumer research. 

Our Unique Service 

  • Readable Design – We create appealing and lasting impression with the right product label design which includes easily readable text, eye-catching yet colorful.  

  • Creativity – Our passion to create stunning visual communication and design elements. 

  • Timely service - Our team is qualified and equipped to handle aggressive timelines and can easily meet fast turnaround requirements even. 

  • Multiple Design & Revision - We highly consider every feedbacks & suggestions and patiently work on design revisions up to client satisfaction. 

  • Redesigning - Your product is out there, but it’s looking a little tired. We’ll refresh your product with updated, creative, strategic label designs that speaks to your customers and communicates your brand. 

Our Seamless Label design process 



We gather to get design information to make sure a relevant design is created that meets the client’s goals and requirements. 



We will design to bring your vision to life. You’ll collaborate and give feedback to create the ideal label design.

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Final Product

We’re your creative partner from start to finish. Once you finalize your design, we’ll transfer the copyright and send you the image files.

Web design

Food Label design 

Non food label design 

Bottle Label design 

Cosmetic Label design 

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